Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Trip Down Memory Lane

(Get ready for a lot of pictures)
We took Sophie to see my old stomping ground and hometown Bad Bentheim today. She was so excited and could not wait to see the castle. Too bad I did not have the camera ready to capture the look on her face when she first spotted it in the distance. 
 Ready to explore the princess castle.
 Look at that blue sky!
 The princess garden - unfortunately no access for little Sophies.
 Daddy is telling stories of princesses and knights. And pointing out some bullet holes from a certain era that shall not be mentioned at this time, and cannon balls from the Napoleonic Wars along the way.
 The castle park. Octoberfest tent on the left. 
 The princess and the castle ghost

 Walking down the stairs like a princess

 Three icons in one picture: that old Mercedes, the Bismarck statue, and the defense tower
 After Sophie had literally explored every corner in the castle from the top of the defense tower and the dining hall to the dungeon, we joined my brother Stefan's family at the Forest Farm (Waldbauer) - a place that my grandmother used to take me to over 30 years ago. 
 Talea and Sophie trying in vain to lure the deer
 Thore and Sophie on the see-saw, with Alexandra's help
 A big family dinner Italian style - looking forward to many more of these
My uncle Gerrit and brother Stefan with the kiddos while Alexandra and I get to finish our wine. 

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