Friday, October 21, 2011

New Playground at Kindergarten

On Friday, Berit and I joined Sophie at a ceremony for the reopening of the playground at her preschool. The playground had been completely redone. Now the kids get to play outside again just in time for the rainy season. So after the kids prayed for no accidents to happen on the new playground (it's a preschool sponsored by the Catholic church after all) and the priest blessed the slide, swing, climbing structure etc. it was time to get out and try the new structures and toys. The weather again was really sunny. Heaven-sent. 
 On the lazy swing.
 Throwing sand at each other and fighting over toys.
 Choosing a man to pull little Miss Princess.
In the afternoon we went to yet another furniture store where we found and ended up buying our dining room table and chairs. Thanks to camera phones, Andrew had a say in it half a world away, too. Sophie had been to this store before and made a beeline for this kids' bunk bedroom. She felt right at home, taking her shoes and jacket off. I keep telling her that she will not get a bunk bed until she is five. 

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