Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween from Irrland (again)

Yes, I know, Irrland again. But the weather was beautiful and Daddy needed to give those slides a try before the park was going to close for the winter next week.
 Kisses for Daddy
 Sophie and I watching Andrew go down the really tall slide.
 And believe it or not - next this is Sophie with Daddy at the top of the really tall slide...
 ... and she did not chicken out. She even went again, but refused to go with me. I guess she felt more secure with Andrew. Fair enough. I would too.
 Then she went by herself on the much shorter Monkey Slide.
 I take that is why it's called the Monkey Slide.
 Grand finale at the "Schwabbelmeer" (Wobble Lake). It is filled with water, which makes running on it a tremendous workout. Here is Andrew running into Sophie's arms.
 And vice versa.
 Sophie and I tried letting us fall onto the Schwabbelmeer.
 Exhausted - showing off our Halloween face paintings (home-made). That is a bat on my cheek in case you couldn't tell.
 Sophie chose a cat and a Hawaiian hibiscus to match her dress. 
Digging into her second or third Halloween muffin of the day. Chocolate with orange cream icing, topped with crackling chocolate chips that popped in your mouth. Nom nom nom...

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