Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Very Local Castle

If you are starting to detect a pattern in our posts (castle, Irrland, ice cream) and are becoming bored, I apologize, but we are just trying to please our little princess. It's a Sophie World after all, right?

After an extensive German breakfast with loads of cold cuts, cheese, eggs and fresh bread rolls (Andrew and I tend to fight over the pumpkin seed rolls), we needed to get moving a little. So we packed a small picnic and rode our bikes to Schloss Haag just outside the Geldern city limits engulfed by a fancy golf course. Half of the castle is still inhabited by a private party and the remainder houses a restaurant and a golf equipment shop, but there is enough magic left to let a little girl's imagination run wild. 
 Princess Sophie and her prince, as well as her new big Frapunzel.

 Spot the heron.
 This week was probably the peak of the fall colors.

In the evening, we were all rewarded with a professional back massage by Berit. Even Andrew enjoyed his first proper massage (I shall spare you the picture), except that he was a bit sore the next day. Sophie loved it and Mama loved the fact that it took Sophie less than a minute to fall asleep that night.

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