Sunday, October 23, 2011

Irrland Encore

The weather is still nice (albeit cold), Irrland is still open for another two weeks and as there is not much else to do on a Sunday in Germany (all the stores are closed), we headed out for more fun this afternoon. We headed to some of our favorite spots but also tried some new places. My legs had more than a good workout.
 Sophie Vettel taking a spin on a go-cart. 
 Princess Sophie found the tunnel underneath the castle tower. She walked through it more than once even though I tried to tease her a little mentioning spiders and bats. At least she was able to walk upright as opposed to her ladies-in-waiting.
 Back to the horses! I will be nice and not post the funniest horse picture today of Berit trying to mount one of the taller horses.
 Sophie on the horse with the freaky-looking eye.
 The slide tower with a built-in airplane!
 View from the top...
 ... yeehaw!
 Ice cream break.
 The two blondes. This time Berit was dressed to climb and jump and was able to join us on the bouncing clouds.
 About to jump on Mama.
No one left to play with me? She literally walked from one kid to the next and asked them if they wanted to play with her. A good time to head home and call it a day.

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  1. Walking around looking for friends sounds so like Ciaran!