Sunday, October 16, 2011

Oktoberfest (Warning: almost no Sophie in this one)

Girls night out (my "little" sister Berit and I) to the Oktoberfest in Xanten ( We left Princess Sophie behind with Oma for the evening.
We found out once we arrived at the festival tent at 7:30pm that while we were taking our sweet time getting ready - as girls do - the party was already in full swing. Who would have thought that it starts at 5pm already? Don't others have kids that need to be put to bed first? 
 We were lucky to get two more tickets and had some catching up to do. While the other folks were already dancing on the benches, we inhaled our roast pig and chicken respectively, took some big sips of beer...
 ...and joined the party.
 Back to the roots?
 That liter of beer looks so light in Berit's hand.
 This boy must have borrowed his dad's lederhosen.
  German dance floor for advanced dancers
 Yuck! We're definitely not in California anymore! No wonder my head and throat hurt the next morning! And it was not from the beer and the singing. 
 The demise of a Grown German Man in pictures.
 Is it me or is he spinning?
 A little off balance. By the way, his friend actually took a picture of his pal as well before he helped him up. I love how these men take care of each other. 
You might say I'm such a cruel nurse just watching this guy go down, but it was self-inflicted, right? And see in the background the paramedics were already on their way to him - except he then declined their help. He's a tough MAN after all. And it was nothing a cigarette couldn't fix.


  1. Meike, you look like you are enjoying being home again! This brings back many, many memories for me. Prost!!!

  2. We looked at the first picture and Ciaran said 'they're princesses'!