Tuesday, October 11, 2011

In Rainy Gütersloh

Daddy is back at work in Detroit, so Sophie and I decided to join Oma on a four-day trip to help babysit cousins Kiron and Luca in Gütersloh. Luca had just spent a few days in the hospital and has to take it easy at home for a week before he heads back to school. He is definitely getting plenty of attention - Sophie adores him!
 The two little ones getting to hang out in Luca's room 
 It's been very rainy for the past few days, so we took the opportunity to play in Kiron's "Kindergarten" in the back when there was a break in the clouds. Apart from a swing, and real bunny rabbits, he also has a trampoline (which Sophie kept calling a Zeppelin for the first day) and a walnut tree with plenty of fresh walnuts to munch on in the play area. 
 After Sophie got to join Kiron at music school today, they wound down in the bath together squirting water on each other's heads.
Here is a picture of their last spa date in April 2010.

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