Friday, September 30, 2011

Busy Week of This and That

Just noticed that is has been a few days since our last post. Sophie has had a fairly busy week of going to preschool, eating spicy ice cream (I think every day this week - they should start a reward program for us), enjoying the warm and sunny weather, playing with her dolls and just doing this and that. 
 Here we are in the morning off to preschool. I love my bicycle, and Sophie loves her bike seat.  Andrew named it Stuka, as it says Junckers along the frame.
 Doing a show with Berit at IKEA. 
 Cleaning windows in her witch costume.
 Ladybug rain boots (in 80 degrees temperatures) to complement the wings which I was carrying by that time.
 Ladybug girl fighting the big monster.
 One new favorite activity is listening to stories on CD, some of which are Berit's (Bibi Blocksberg, the little witch, is one she enjoys).
Her big reward for this week was to stay up and watch a princess movie (she chose Snow White) with snacks to go along. Fletcher is dreaming of his prince, too. I think this was during a sad part of the movie. 

Tomorrow we are off to see Mama's castle. Pictures to follow.

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