Sunday, October 16, 2011


This post is of special interest for all our friends with kids who are thinking of coming to visit us. We will take you to Irrland! We came here for the first time during our visit in Germany in September 2010. As it was another gorgeous weekend, we headed out for some fresh air and fun for kids of all ages.
 First stop was the cart rental (we learned on our last trip that regular strollers will get stuck in the sand).
 Then a couple of laps on the bike.
 These wobble lakes (Schwabbelmeer) are all over the place. Filled with water, they make for some good exercise.
 Loads of animals roaming around.
 ...including this tall horse just waiting to give Sophie a ride.
 Berit almost breaking the horse's back.
 The fastest slides I've been on. Sorry about the cabbage head in front, but it's the only picture I have of the really steep slide in the background which I went on (without Sophie of course). This one shows Sophie/Meike racing Berit. Oh, and built into the structure is an old airplane, which are also to be found all over the park.
 Again, again, again!
 Climbing the volcano.
 The summit team.
 Another bouncing mountain. Insurmountable with socks.
 Are we having fun yet?

 We missed the pumpkin patch this year, but at least we found a three-dimensional hay labyrinth.
 Sophie walking on the water.
And last but not least: some hot chicks!

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