Friday, October 14, 2011

Of Monsters, Rain Boots, Koffers, and Bees

With all the rain last week we had to think of some silly games for inside.
 How about this for a scary Halloween costume. Note to self: must visit California next year in October for pumpkin patch, Halloween and some of the best weather of the year.
 A perfect fit I say.
 They journey to and from Anke's was almost over and I had still not taken a picture of Sophie's own brand new 'Koffer.'
Finally back for more ice cream when the sun came back. We had a bit of a bee scare this time. Look closely - it's flying right by Sophie (it only looks as if it landed on her hand). Sophie of course panicked and screamed. Talk about getting the German stare from the other tables! The bee finally drowned in Sophie's ice cream. What a way to go. 
(Just noticed the shot of the cigarettes and lighter - yuck!)

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