Saturday, October 29, 2011

Daddy's Home

(Sorry, I meant to post this a while ago)
Finally, after three weeks away at work, Daddy finally came "home" (i.e. to Oma's house). Andrew had been gone longer than usual as he was instructing in the simulator in lovely Detroit this month. He had a few days off during this stretch, but it was too short to travel all the way to Germany and back. Sophie and I picked him up at the train station in the late afternoon. 
 Daddy had a bag full of clothes and presents for us (a lot of things are just cheaper in the U.S.). But best of all, he brought with him a big "Frapunzel" and a "Frapunzel" dress for Sophie. He had been teasing Sophie with the doll over skype for a few days now. Somebody was very happy to have Daddy home.
I was happy, too, as I had some help with getting Sophie ready for bed and bedtime stories tonight. 

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