Sunday, September 18, 2011

Train to Hamburg

For our first full weekend back in Germany we received an invitation by my brother Stefan and his family to come and join them in Hamburg (where they live) for Talea's (Sophie's cousin) 3rd birthday party. 
So Sophie went on her first really proper train ride (about five hours one way) - and believe it or not, our train did not run on time! There was a medical emergency en route. 
 And even though Mama's eyelids became very heavy as soon as the train started rocking, Sophie never slept. But thanks to Dora and Caillou, she behaved very well. On the way up she even made a friend in the row in front and they played with her princess figurines for a while.
 Cake with Smarties for breakfast!
 Sophie and Talea. Please sir, can I have more?
 Thore couldn't wait and started chowing down on his plate.
 On Saturday before the big birthday bash in the afternoon, Sophie and I took the S-Bahn to visit my old childhood friend Britta (well, she is not old of course, but we've known each other forever) and her five-year old daughter Hannah. When the girls had lost all patience with the language barrier (Sophie still answers a lot in English), they cuddled up on the couch for some Barbie princess movie and snacks.
 On the way home on Sunday, Sophie and I were being silly with what was left over of her pretzel and pretended we had mustaches. Sophie took the picture of me. Notice that I am wearing sunglasses as it was actually sunny again.

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  1. Love your blog. I need to have a Sofie, Meike, Andrew fix every now and then. Miss you all, Becky