Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Ladybug Group

So here is our report on Sophie's first day of preschool (or Kindergarten as she calls it now). 
She was assigned to the Ladybug Group, as if they knew that we have a ladybug girl. It's a Catholic Montessori Preschool. We are amazed they accepted her even though we filled out 'Atheist' in the religion column. Pretty much all preschools are sponsored by the Church in Germany (especially in the countryside), unless you go to a Waldorf preschool. I guess we'll deal with the question of who Jesus is, when she asks us. On the other hand, I'm excited with the Montessori part of it. There is so much for her to explore, good discipline, but not too much structure yet. A lot of freedom. 
And thank goodness, they have more than a chest full of dress-up clothes!
 Sophie eating her snack. Fruit is sitting out all morning for the kids to eat, and they can eat their breakfast when they want anytime before ten (with a few gentle reminders by the teachers).
I left her there to play after about an hour. She seemed very excited to come back tomorrow.
 In the afternoon we walked into town. It was a busy day for the munchkin. She was actually dozing off in the stroller on the way home but only after she devoured her spicy ice cream. (Yes, they have peppermint/chocolate flakes ice cream).
 ...as for the boys, still in cat heaven!
On a mission to find more long sleeve/warm dresses for Sophers, as she refuses to wear trousers. She is such a princess.

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