Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Backstory

So, here we are; bags packed, empty house and belongings on a container headed for Germany.  It is our penultimate night in California after 9 years of living here.  We know that Sophie will ask us one day to explain, "why did we move from such a nice place" so we figured our backstory is a good place to start our blog as well.
 Sophie's Room
 We made the decision to move back to Europe (cold, rainy, grey) from California (warm, sunny, endless blue skies) for a number of reasons - the majority of which are to do with Sophie.  In a nutshell - education, family and having a big garden for her to play in.  So we are now saying goodbye to all our good friends we have made, all the good friends Sophie has made, and taking seemingly unending trips to Goodwill in the hope that it will be a decision for the better.  Oh, and that the winters aren't quite as brutal as we keep imagining them.
Waking up in Ciaran's home
One last spicy ice cream with Fiona and Nico

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  1. Love the pic of Fletcher in his crate!! Hilarious!!!