Saturday, September 24, 2011

German Efficiency at Its Finest

After our strenuous day of house hunting, it looks as if we have actually found our future home. And best of all (in addition to Meike's garden and Andrew's Hawaiian-themed cellar bar), we finally get to live in a proper city, not just a 'burb! It is located in the east of Duesseldorf (Vennhausen) in a brand new neighborhood, i.e. lots of other new families to make friends with. We should be able to move in around the middle of November.
 I love that climbing structure on the playground! This is the mums' hangout.
 The front of our future house. Sophie's room will be the right window on the second floor.
 The obligatory German bathroom picture. Notice the towel warmer already built in.
 The top floor guest/library/play/cozy hangout room.
 The site of Andrew's future bar (and pantry and laundry rooms)
Finally, look what's on the street corner - I hope they serve spicy ice cream.


  1. Yes, please do! Andrew was already imagining how you would be looking at this post going: "Marc, Marc, look!"

  2. So I assume you're buying then? I'm starting to mention to people that we're coming to visit in the spring when I come over for my viva....

  3. Elly, this is Germany - they build new houses even for renters. And please come!