Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ice Cream, Pancakes and some California Blue Sky

As the weather has actually been okay here over the past few days, we made daily trips to the ice cream parlor. After Sophie finished her own portion of spicy ice cream...

 ...she started an eating competition with my friend Birgit. Birgit is visiting for a few days from Australia. I can't deny that little Miss Center of Attention (Sophie) was jealous at times. After all, Birgit was everywhere Mama was. But nothing a few ice cream treats couldn't fix.
 On the last night of Birgit's visit with us we drove to Holland for pancakes. Sophie's was topped with ham and cheese. She was very disappointed she couldn't have my sister Berit's and my mother's drink, after all it had such an attractive name in Dutch (translated Snow White - a beer mix drink).
Here is the proof - California Blue Sky spotted in Landstuhl  (okay, southern Germany) on 9/14
PS. Sophie decided today that she wants to be born in Disneyland.

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