Sunday, September 11, 2011

Safe landing after many sad goodbyes

So here we are in Germany. Having the cats here is the biggest reminder that this is not just another vacation. It definitely feels a bit strange - as did seeing the first proper rain since May. At least the weather gods were kind to us and granted us one day of warm temperatures (about which some Germans still complained) and no precipitation. 
Suitcases are unpacked and stowed away for now and we've had a good night's sleep, so here is a summary in pictures of the past couple of days:
 Sophie's solution to avoiding having to say goodbye - she simply refused to do so. Here with her friend Ciaran.
 Last quick play date in the park with friend Nico. Sophie's beloved babysitter (and my friend) Lalani came as well.
 Our last night in California (at least for a while) - not without a campfire and marshmallows at Nanny's house, oh and one more good bottle of our wine collection of course. We spotted two horned owls that night - a special farewell treat.
 9th September - tearful goodbye to Nanny in the morning. ;-( We made sure that she wasn't crying anymore by skyping with her today.
 Oh, flying has become so much easier with Sophie now - thank you Apple and Dora! And we had a first in that Sophie went to sleep when I told her to and stayed so for four hours - bliss!
 Yes, the cats survived the flight... (Fletcher is not hissing, just couldn't stand the smell he left in his carrier)
 ... and landed in cat heaven! A garden - they haven't ventured beyond it yet, an unlimited supply of grass, lots of attention and pet mice. Here is Nelson busy exploring.
 Bag chaos! It took me a few hours to clear it today.
 First "Kaffee und Kuchen" - tea time in German.
Fletcher couldn't run inside fast enough when it started raining this evening.

Tomorrow is Sophie's first day of preschool in Germany! She was very excited when she went to bed tonight. She's been assigned to the Ladybug Group - how fitting for our ladybug girl.

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