Sunday, September 25, 2011

All Creatures Great and Small

Andrew is back in California for a few days, so we decided to take a Sunday excursion to the Kleve Zoo today where they had a special naming event for their baby animals. The weather is still gorgeous by the way. 
 We saw all kinds of different animals. After Sophie freaked out when a fly landed on her arm by the honey bee exhibit (Thanks, Andrew!), we quickly moved on to a special birds of prey exhibit. This was an eagle owl. Sophie and I got to pet it (as did a bunch of other kids) and Sophie got to keep a feather!
 While we checked out the birds, Oma was sitting by the campfire roasting "stick bread." That must be the ultimate German equivalent to roasting marshmallows. It tasted delish!
 Around the corner we faced arguably the biggest cow (bull) we had ever seen. He seemed friendly - other people were petting him. Hard to believe that they are herbivores. Holy cow, I'd better start eating more spinach!
 The meerkats had four offspring called One for All, All for One. They were too cute.
 We saw another species there in abundance: little creatures that were jumping around, squealing, screaming, running all over the place - not sure where they got their energy from. 
At the end, a pony coach ride worthy of a little princess.

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