Sunday, September 23, 2012

To Complete Our Tour of Southern Germany

It happened to be on our way home.
 We actually hiked up this hill, even Sophie. That was before we found out that the train rides up and down the hill were included in the admission ticket to the castle courtyard. On the plus-side, we burned off some of last night's dinner that way.
 While Nanny and Pops took a guided tour of the castle, we played prince and princess in the courtyard.
 My funny parents.
 Castle shots
 a lot of it in ruins, but still very impressive
 Sophie also spotted this dragonfly in the castle courtyard. 
Needless to say when we were done, we took the train back downtown.
View of the castle and Princess Sophie from the old bridge.
Then off to find a place for dinner. All that walking made us hungry.

Enough medieval towns for a couple of days.

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