Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Saturday in the Life of Sophie (and her parents)

Today was shaping to be a beautiful day, filled with fun activities and lots of sunshine.
In the morning, Sophie played with Lina.
 Here they are taking a moment to read a story. Sophie is actually translating the book for Lina as it is a story in English.
 Then Lina had to get ready and head off to the airport to go on vacation. Incidentally we were also taking the bikes on the train to the airport in order to go to a birthday party nearby. We promised to look out for Lina's plane. This one here is a plane just like the one Daddy usually takes to and from Leipzig.
 There was a bike path right along the perimeter of the airport. Perfect for plane spotting. Of course, we ended up being late for the party. "Just one more airplane." We were so close we could hear the wake turbulence from the planes.
 Although impossible to tell from the picture, this was Lina's flight taking off.
 Sophie was invited to Lara's 5th birthday garden party. It was her first drop off birthday party. Judging by Sophie's statements afterwards, she had a great time.
And it was an opportunity for Andrew and I to "kill" a few hours in Kaiserswerth. We cycled past the nearby moat castle in Kalkum, on to the Rhine, had a drink at the beer garden next to the Kairserpfalz castle and a lazy picnic near the Rhine River shore. What a way to spend a sunny afternoon. 

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