Friday, September 28, 2012

A Night Out

Berit and Dennis came over to babysit Sophie tonight. Sophie seems to quite enjoy it when we go out at night. Maybe because Berit will buy her kinder surprise eggs for dessert or read her a goodnight story three times the length of what I would read to her. 
 Anyway, we had the evening to go out and enjoy Duesseldorf after sundown (not that it was sunny today).
The Altstadt was busy as it was Friday night and a football match with the local team.
We went to the Schluessel brewery for a real German dinner.
 We were not disappointed. While we kept the Altbier flowing, we had pork ragout cooked in Altbier gravy,
 marinated beef with potato dumplings and red cabbage, 
 and the classic pork knuckle.
It was delicious, although heavier than what we are all used to.
So, of course we had to have a Killepitsch (or what Auntie Sandra calls "like red wine") to wash down the food. 
Back on a low-meat diet in a couple of days. 

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