Friday, September 21, 2012

Important First Words: Bonjour and Croissant

This morning it was time to explore this picturesque little medieval town of Wissembourg by daylight and to find a cafe that was serving a proper French breakfast with baguettes, croissants and chocolat chaud for Sophie.
 Sophie by the old mill
 There were flowers everywhere - we were wondering how much work went into their upkeep.
 We were thinking that this town could serve as our little getaway from Germany every once in a while. I am glad we discovered it.
 After a delicious petit déjeuner just like I remember them, we stocked up on some more baguettes (you just can't beat the original!) for a lunchtime picnic on the road.
In front of the town hall

 This is one of the oldest buildings in town the salt house dating back to 1448.
There was also a giant church, but I just realized I had not taken any pictures of it. 
 On our way back to Germany we stopped at the nearby Schoenenbourg fortification which formed part of the Maginot Line (the French underground defense fortification against the Germans along the entire border). It was quite eerie all hidden in the forest.

Then it was time to leave France and head east towards another medieval town - Rothenburg ob der Tauber. 
 Part of the reason we chose to visit Rothenburg this weekend was because the German (Czech and Swiss) Shelby group was holding a gathering here and Pops had been invited to join. 
This was the view from our balcony. 
 A funny sign we spotted as we were walking towards the old city gate. It was like stepping into some type of medieval amusement park. I am sure that Sophie kept her eyes peeled for a princess sighting the entire time. 
Dinner ran a bit late tonight, but it was still good in a tavern called "Zur Hoell" (To Hell) in one of the oldest buildings in town. 
Truly a history-filled day. 
Sophie took this picture of Daddy enjoying his spare ribs. 

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