Saturday, September 15, 2012

Anyone for Crunch (Cars + Brunch)?

What better way to start off the day than with a delicious brunch at the Classic Remise Meilenwerk in Duesseldorf. This is an old restored roundhouse and maintenance station for trains, now filled with expensive cars both old and new. 
We even found a Shelby.
Sophie and Nanny looking for their favorite cars.
When does Sophie ever get to have both Nanny and Oma at one table in Germany?
Eating in style.

Sophie and I decided to take pictures of each other.
My favorite color on a car (this is a Jag)
Sophie's favorite car because it was red.
I liked the row of Porsches.
(The restaurant behind me.)
Another red favorite.
Subsequent food coma. There must have been a sleeping medication in the waffles.
But the weather was pleasant and we had places to see.
Sophie learning a pat-a-cake game from Nanny. 
Posing in front of city hall for the blog
International Children's Day Festival along the Rhine shore.
This is where we ran into our neighbors Sissi and Jessica.
Time for an altbier (the local brew) at one of the oldest breweries in town. 
Caught on picture: Andrew laughing with some Germans! Just give them a beer and their frowns are turned into smiles.
A fun bunch.
Ending the day in style with some of the best ice cream in Duesseldorf. We lined up around the corner and it was worth it.
By the way, for anyone who has been wondering how we can be buying ice cream on an almost daily basis. It's 80 cents/$1 per scoop here.

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