Saturday, September 22, 2012

An Old Storybook Town And an Astonishingly Lot of Modern Cars

While Pops was out doing his car thing, the rest of us took off to step back in time and explore Rothenburg. Be ready for a picture overload.
 Probably the most famous shot of Rothenburg.
 Walking through the White Tower with the old Jewish dance hall to the right of it. 
 This is where the castle once stood.
 Who are these funny-looking creatures?
 So glad the weather was on our side.
 The council hall, site of the not so impressive reenactment of an old legend in which a citizen allegedly drank 3.25 liters (4 bottles) of wine in one go (took him ten minutes) to spare his city from destruction during the Thirty Year War. 
 At some point we had to try this pastry called snowball, unique to Rothenburg. A bit dry, the next day we reverted to apple strudel and ice cream.
 We climbed up the town hall tower, the highest point in Rothenburg. Sophie and I lost Nanny and Daddy on the last bit due to vertigo. 
 This is the church which would have charged money for people to enter and have a look. 

 Up along the old city wall.
 After all that walking, a visit to the year-round Christmas store, a run in with a grumpy and mean old Bavarian sales clerk (Did Andrew tell her where to stick it!), we managed to snatch a table on the old market square. Even dolly was thirsty (picture by Sophie).
 As we were enjoying the late afternoon sun and tranquility of the town, there was a sudden futuristic noise that sounded very much like a certain American sports car. 
 A sheer never-ending convoy of Shelbys (or is it Shelbies?) paraded into the medieval market square.
Suddenly we spotted a familiar face in this Shelby.
 Even though the square was full, the cars kept coming with a roar.
Both the American and Japanese tourists and the German locals were in awe of the free spectacle.
And one person was in his happy place.

How about spƤtzle for dinner?

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