Saturday, July 7, 2012

The First Annual Robertson 4th of July BBQ

There was no question though we left the U.S. that we would continue to celebrate the American holidays like Thanksgiving and the 4th of July. Any reason to have a party, right? 
Our friends and neighbors were happy to hear that and we managed to get quite a fun crowd together for our first 4th of July BBQ in Duesseldorf. 
The planning was half the fun. 
I am quite proud of my little cheese cake creation. Not quite 50 stars, but 13 stripes! And it must have tasted ok, as it was gone in a heartbeat.

We went all over town trying to find a flag post to properly hang the flag Andrew had purchased on Long Island. We could only find fixtures for boats, so our bedroom window had to make do. 
Ah, the master of the beer and the burger meat fairy, alias uncle Ralph and aunt Helga, have arrived. Let the party begin.
Well, we opted for German beer instead of an American brew. That's understandable, right?
I think this was 8 lbs of ground beef. Twelve hours later, there was none left.
We could not have lucked out more with the weather. Probably the only nice day with California blue skies in the first three weeks of July. The rain arrived two hours after the end of the party and was to stick with us.
Two of Berit's friends - Li and Dennis hanging out in the beach basket.
We extended an automatic invitation to next year's BBQ to everyone who was present today.
More red, white and blue than I ever used to wear in the States.
Let me guess, airplane talk by the grill?
Kids' corner was in our neighbor's garden.
Lina's little brother Philip taking a siesta. He was to have a rude awakening when he was in the line of fire of a water pistol squirt from his big sister.
Andrew wearing his Hawaiian airplane shirt (making sure the grill does not catch on fire?)
Caught the kids finishing the candy underneath our dining table.
Finally, sparklers for the kids. For next year, we will save some proper fireworks from New Year's. 
The party went on for many more hours. Our margarita was flowing faster than the beer until we ran out of all three bottles of tequila. 
We thank everyone for coming and celebrating and look forward to next year's bash. 

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