Sunday, July 22, 2012


Our biggest trip during Sophie's break from preschool was up to see my brother and his family in Hamburg. Weatherwise it still feels more like September than July. Brr!
 Sophie is becoming a pro at taking train journeys.
On Friday morning Sophie and I met with my childhood friend, Britta, for brunch. Britta also has a daughter, Hannah, but unfortunately she was visiting her grandmother. 
In the afternoon we picked up Thore and Talea from preschool/daycare, went home and played princess and knights.
 The weather was improving on Saturday: time to head outside. First to the local playground.
 Then we went to the Landungsbruecken (shipping piers) in St. Pauli, where we sat on the steps and ate   herring fish rolls and watched the athletes cycle past on their triathlon.
 From the piers, we took the ferry (sorry too crowded for a good picture) to the Elbe beach, where it was time for dessert.
 We watched some impressive ships sail by 
 Even a Mississippi riverboat.
 Sophie grabbed my camera and took a picture of Talea.
On Sunday, I wanted Sophie to be able to run around outside as much as possible before we were going to jump back on the train home. We explored yet another playground (this one was big) in a park called Planten un Blomen.
Big slides, tunnels, ladders, mountains...
 The three crazy kids.
 A derelict building right next to the playground made for an interesting backdrop.
 As did the TV tower.
Thore, Alexandra, Stefan and Talea.
Thank you for having us and see you again soon.

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