Monday, July 16, 2012

Kirmes - Fun Fair

The annual fun fair is in town, being advertised as the largest one on the Rhine River. It can be somewhat trashy at certain times, but we went when it opened on a Monday and had it almost to ourselves. We gave Sophie 10 Euros to spend as she liked. 
 The first fun ride she saw was this race car carousel. Good choice with the Ferrari, I thought. 
At this point it had already started raining again.
 Next she wanted to go on a balloon ride. She was the only one on the carousel. Were we the only crazy ones to venture out in this weather?
 But then she found her favorite. The flying machines carousel. She was a bit jerky at first trying to figure out how to handle the lever. Why is it that they always play such terrible music for the poor waiting parents at the children's carousels?
 Then Andrew had us all go on the ferris wheel. The ride provided some marvelous views of Duesseldorf. Here is the famous Altstadt (Old Town) on the opposite river bank. 
 These are some expensive apartments in Oberkassel with a nice view of the Altstadt, but for 12 days a year the inhabitants have to put up with the noise of the fun fair.
 The Medienhafen.
 Then Sophie decided that another 2 Euros on the helicopter was money well spent.
It was hard to find a ride that only cost 1.50 Euros, but then we saw the kids auto scooter. Hilarious!

One hour later and Sophie 10 Euros lighter, we headed back home to dry off and warm up. Hoping for better weather at next year's Kirmes. 

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