Saturday, July 14, 2012

Best Ice Cream

Sophie has been on summer break from preschool for a week now (of a total of three weeks). Unfortunately, the weather has been absolutely miserable the entire time (ever since our BBQ pretty much), anything but summer-like. It has been so bad that I finally caved in and bought a pair of wellies.  At least now I can jump through the puddles with Sophie. 
 Despite the rain, we ventured out to check out another area of Duesseldorf called Flingern today. It is meant to be a hip area with little boutiques and restaurants. Of course, we arrived fifteen minutes before the stores closed. Typical.
But the ice cream place was open. By far the best one we have tasted here so far - and the competition is tough. An absolute must for any future visitors. 
Andrew had pistachio ice cream topped with fresh strawberries (organic) and old balsamico. I had the raspberry bowl. Sophie had blueberry in a waffle bowl.
Nom nom nom!

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