Monday, July 2, 2012

Berit's Graduation

Today was Berit's big day. After four years of study, a couple of internships and a semester-long bachelor thesis, she was finally going to receive her bachelor in physical therapy.
 We were there to cheer on her big day, even though we were almost late as we could not find parking and then had to wait 20 minutes in line for the one parking meter machine. 
That is Berit's friend, Steffi, in the front. She is going to graduate from the same school (University of Nijmegen) in the winter. Sophie really likes her.
 Berit's teachers performed for us.
 Then it was up the escalator (!) to receive the diploma, a pen, a flower, and a little personal speech from her mentor (who only saw her twice in the four years). 
Followed by a celebratory dinner at the local Chinese restaurant.
Congratulations, Berit! We're proud of you!

What a nice day - just wait the rain and cold will come soon.

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