Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Irrland in the Heat

One day of 80+ degree weather - off to Irrland (the amusement park near my mum's in Geldern) to try the warm weather attractions. Packed with a huge picnic enough to feed the people around us and then some. 
 Although the water play areas were very crowded, we found a nice spot in the shade.
 Sophie taking pictures of us.
 That is Sophie's finger. My mum was annoyed that she had not brought her bathing suit. 
 We took Sophie on the water slide nearby a few times, but the water they used to wet it with was brutally cold. Berit yelled out "bladder infection" as soon as she sat down in it for the first time. Of course Sophie insisted on sitting in our lap - stinker. So instead we organized some spray guns and checked out the huge water gunfight terrain with fill-up stations, a labyrinth, bridge etc. as obstacles. Berit and I, being the oldest warriors in the terrain, soon had a considerable number of enemies to spray. Sophie exclaimed at one point that she no longer wanted to get wet, but continued to happily spray us - little stinker.
 ...meanwhile a goat was born in the adjoining stables.
 Finally a couple of pictures of Irrland's latest project: a play airport. But we will save this for a shadier day (soon that is).
Now headed back to Geldern for a BBQ.

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