Friday, June 8, 2012

To the Highlands

Enough of the big cities. It was time to breathe some country air, as we headed northwest into the Highlands to Granddad's house in Mallaig. We took our time and made numerous stops on the way. The weather became nicer the further west we came. 
 One of our last stops was for a snack and some of the best beer we have tasted in a long time in the valley of Glencoe.
 The views were stunning.
 New Highland hairdo.
 Sophie of the Glen
 Nearing the coast. This is the church which was superimposed on a nearby beach (see tomorrow's blog) and used in the movie "Local Hero."
 A loch on the last stretch to Mallaig. This is the area where Bonnie Prince Charlie landed for the Jacobite Rebellion in 1745.

 At last, Granddad's and Debra's house in Mallaig (population 797)
 The view from our bedroom. The Isle of Skye in the distance.
While we enjoyed a cup of tea in the garden, Sophie was already making friends with the neighborhood children. I'm sure Sophie wouldn't mind spending some future summer holidays here. 

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