Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Oh Say Can You See...?

... is that an American flag I spot over there right on the Burgplatz in the Old Town of Duesseldorf?
"Vote From Abroad," sponsored by the Democrats is doing a bus tour through Europe to get US citizens living abroad to register for the elections. And they passed through the metropolis of Duesseldorf today. Enough reason to don the rain gear and make the trip downtown.
 If nothing else, it felt really uplifting to be speaking to fellow Americans for a few moments. Sophie and I had our picture taken and were filmed and interviewed twice once for the Vote From Abroad You Tube video and once for the local German TV station. Unfortunately, I completely forgot to watch it a few days later. 
Afterwards, I promised Sophie and myself some ice cream. We tried another parlor on the top five list. Huge portions of creamy gelato. Yum.

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