Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Lot of Red, White, and Blue

As the Mall was full by late morning, we strolled over to Trafalgar Square. It was a good decision. There was a party in full swing to help kill the time until the Queen's procession from Westminster to Buckingham Palace.  
 Ready for the party
 We had learned from our washout on Sunday and were better prepared today in every respect: Hat, G&T in a can and a coronation chicken sandwich.
Auntie Sandra, always up for a good party
 Trafalgar Square
 London Mayor Boris Johnson being interviewed by CNN's Richard Quest right behind us. 
 Now you see him.
 As the Queen was traveling past Whitehall approaching us at Trafalgar Square.
 Where is the Queen?!
 After the parade had passed us, I suggested we try and make it into the Mall to see the Royals on the balcony and for the flypast of course. It was a good idea of mine for a change, as we managed to walk up this far with Sophie on Andrew's shoulders and Sandra pushing the stroller. No pushing or shoving. Too bad, they had not managed to quite dismantle the stage from last night's concert (although I heard that they had worked on it all night), so we were not able to see the balcony appearance live. It didn't keep us from cheering, however. And Sophie (on Andrew's shoulders) made it into the Daily Mail and the BBC TV coverage, albeit for just a split second.
And we had a brilliant view of the flypast. Sophie's declared highlight of the day.
The balcony 45 minutes after the Queen was there. 
We ended our Jubilee celebrations at a restaurant in Notting Hill where we met world-traveling friends of ours, Janelle and Gilles, and her parents for dinner. Thus, we watched the heaviest rain of the day in good company from a warm and dry place. 

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