Saturday, June 23, 2012

G5 Summit in Geldern

Cousins Talea and Thore were spending a week with Oma in Geldern and the two other cousins Luca and Kiron were going to be dropped off as well this weekend. So we thought it would be a brilliant idea to add Sophie to the mix. After all, Talea needed some more girl support. In order for Oma not to get a complete nervous breakdown, Berit and I stayed around to help. But the kids actually entertained each other very well.
 Two princesses and a knight
 OK, so one evening Berit and I were able to escape to watch one of the football euro cup games (Germany : Greece) on the big screen. 
 Like a production line
 Special movie treat while Thore is napping. At one point, Sophie had her arm around Talea.
 Yes, who would have ever thought? I actually started knitting. My ultimate goal is to knit the Royal Family. 
No comment. 

It was definitely a very fun weekend. This here is a huge reason why we moved to Germany. 

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