Saturday, June 2, 2012

Off to Daddy's Old Stomping Ground

We headed to the West Country towards Andrew's hometown of Weymouth for a day trip today. Sophie had been there before, but the last time was two years ago and she was too young to remember. Today, she was taking it all in and very interested in learning which house Daddy used to live in and where he went to school. 
 On the way I asked to stop at Shitterton to have this picture taken (Andrew was embarrassed). The town finally figured that this stone will be impossible to steal as a souvenir. 
 Our first stop was the Royal Navy cemetery in Portland. It is a very quaint cemetery on the hillside overlooking Portland harbor. Since Andrew's grandparents' ashes were scattered (partially at this site), the family donated a  bench in their memory here. The view is fantastic. Unfortunately, Sophie was acting a little grumpy at the time. Probably getting a bit hungry.
 Thus, we headed back to Weymouth for some real fish and chips by the harbor. Sophie is not so sure...
 With our stomachs filled, Andrew insisted we take the row boat ferry across the harbor. It was not just a first for Sophie but for Sandra as well who had lived in Weymouth for years. That is not Sandra in the picture by the way. 
 Frolicking on the beach. It could have been a wee bit warmer. 
Not too cold for a traditional donkey ride on the beach, however. Reliving her daddy's childhood.
{If anyone has a picture of Andrew on a donkey - I would love to have a copy}

Afterwards we visited Andrew's other aunt Susan and her husband Dave for some tea and cake. By then the rain had set in - in time for our upcoming jubilee pilgrimage to London.

Here is one picture of Sophie's last trip to Weymouth two years ago visiting with great-granny, who has since passed away. 

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