Monday, June 4, 2012

Looking for Neverland in London

On the itinerary today: 
Sightseeing (above all show Sophie where Kate and Wills got married), find a pirate ship in the middle of London for Sophie, then a night off for Mama and Daddy.
 First stop: Westminster
 Somebody is pulling faces and it's not Big Ben.
 Open Sesame!
(at Palace of Westminster)
 The Horse Guards in Whitehall
We checked out the Mall being prepared for tonight's concert, Trafalgar Square and had lunch in the Crypt Café under St Martin in-the-Fields.
Then we had to go find that pirate ship playground.
 And here it is: at the Princess Diana Memorial Playground in Kensington Gardens (near Kate's future home). It was the most impressive playground I have ever seen. All fenced in and only people with children were allowed in. It was built based on the Peter Pan story with the ship being the absolute highlight of the park. 
 Sophie went wild!
 She found the music court
 Here she is brewing a magic potion in the fairy tale section
 Then it was back to the pirate ship and up the crow's nest. Can you spot her near the top?
 "I am Peter Pan and you are Captain Hook!"
Then she jumped off the ship so many times trying to fly until she banged her chin on her knee and came crying.
 As I mentioned before, tonight was a night off for Andrew and I. - Thank you Sandra! - While Sophie and Auntie Sandra were painting their nails and watching the big concert for the Queen at the hotel, we went back to Saint Martin-in-the-Fields for this concert.
 Andrew found another person's blog on the internet about this concert with some very good pictures:
Can you see me on picture 8? That is how good our seats were - we looked the sopranos in the eyes.
 This is us enjoying an intermission drink back in the Crypt.
Our concert was fantastic; the most enjoyable one I have been to.
After singing out loud to Rule Britannia, Andrew felt ready to conquer the world as we stepped out onto Trafalgar Square. Instead we "invaded" the Mall to see the last hour of the big concert there. 
It was a breathtaking atmosphere - so many people and everyone was just enjoying themselves. 
We "saw" Stevie Wonder, Sir Paul McCartney, watched the Queen light the beacon and were amazed by the fireworks display. Truly a once in a lifetime event.

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