Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Dinner

Our kitchen arrived just in time for us to christen it with our Thanksgiving dinner. Mind you, we have never cooked a turkey before or hosted Thanksgiving dinner. There are still boxes sitting everywhere, but they could wait. Berit and Dennis accepted our invitation and I have to say it was a cozy afternoon/evening with delicious food. Andrew's mum can be proud of his son's cooking skills. ☺
 The preparations began the day before with the corn muffins and the stuffing. Then we went into town to look for pecans, which were almost more expensive than the turkey. We also ended up having to buy more butter (and wine) at the gas station, the only place open on a Sunday.
 The chef hard at work. 
 Tatata! Who would have thought we would have a tasty and crispy turkey on the table after Andrew had stormed out of the kitchen in the morning. It was when he found out that neither pots nor fridge were big enough to hold the turkey in the brine. His patience was gone when he spilled turkey and brine juice all over the kitchen floor and fridge. So unlike him, right? ☺
 Turkey, a bunch of side dishes and five empty bellies.
 Note that Sophie is wearing her kilt for the occasion. 
 And to top it off, our first ever made-from-scratch apple pie in the oven.
 While the pie was baking, Sophie had a quick after dinner runaround in the sheep meadow (aka our future garden) with Berit and Dennis.
 Cutting the American Pie
I think she liked it. 

For those who would like to join us next year - it should be the same place, same time - unless Andrew's schedule gets messed up for some reason.

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