Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Horseback Riding!!!

Finally the big horseback riding blog! Be ready for loads of pictures. I told Berit to take many and they were all good. 
So, it is moving day and for me that meant packing up our belongings that had somehow multiplied at my mum's. How did Sophie and I arrive with just three suitcases in September?! Luckily Berit had arranged a horseback riding date for Sophie with her uni friend Birte who has her own horse, Ellis. And while I packed, Sophie went on a true adventure:
 It was a foggy day out in the country. Saying hello and good morning to (Tante/Aunt) Ellis in the mud. 
 Birte is showing Sophie the ropes. 
 Grooming time. Some brushing,
 a quick pedicure,
and a squeaky clean horse.
 Anyone care for some horse apples?
 Down to business: first riding lesson!
 All looking good.
 Somebody is happy!
 Posing for some good shots outside, except that it was so foggy and drizzly.
Sophie did so well that she got to get on Ellis on her own. I think there might be more horseback riding in the future. She enjoyed it so much. 
Special thanks to Birte and Berit for giving Sophie this wonderful experience!

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