Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Last Day of Preschool in Geldern

Today was Sophie's last day in the Ladybug group at her preschool in Geldern. And although we are looking forward to moving into our own place in Duesseldorf, it was also sad to say goodbye today. Sophie had just started to make a couple of closer friends. We still think that placing her in this preschool for a couple of months has helped her with the huge transition of moving from California to Germany. It's amazing to watch her adapt so well. We could all learn a little bit from these kids. In particular living in the now.
 At the end of the last day, she was given a binder with a little report on how and what she did during her two months and other memorabilia, such as artwork and photographs.
 And a little gift to her big surprise.
 A small purse - perfect for her little pixie books.
 One picture with her favorite teacher Judith. Sophie adored her!
And one big hug for her other teacher Lissy.
We promised to come back to visit soon.

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