Friday, November 11, 2011

Saint Martin - Part 2

As promised, here the second part of the St. Martin festivities. This parade was for the whole town with all the schools. 
Saint Martin is back on a new horse greeting the kids with their lanterns.
 Yes, Andrew, you don't need to say anything.  I know what you are thinking. (Clop!)
 My mum attempting to work my camera.  A little too slow. Just missed Sophie's lantern. Oh well. Cheers!
 Breaktime with Pöfferkes (deep-fried donuts with applebits or raisins) and the season's first Glühwein for Oma, Berit, and Mama.
 Saint Martin's "ascension" on a fire ladder. I guess he became a bishop when he was done being a soldier. I noticed he didn't share his bishop cape with anyone tonight. Besides he looks an awful lot like St. Nikolaus.
 The girls are mesmerized, nevertheless.
Plus: current gas prices in Germany. This is per liter, mind you.
 Three chickens awaiting the - oh so noisy - fireworks. 
Berit's friend Li, Berit, and Sophie
 The platform for the fireworks was the old mill tower, former site of the ancient Geldern castle. The mill tower also served as the last control center for the city when it was fire bombed in 1945.
 First fireworks since Disneyland last August
She still loves them - Sophie, that is.

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