Saturday, November 12, 2011

Gingerbread House

Today was a busy day. It started out for Sophie in IKEA's Småland childwatch area and for Oma and me with this sight: IKEA (on a Saturday) at the entrance right before opening. Crazy!

 We spent a large part of the day buying and picking up furniture and driving it to the new house as we had a truck available today. It was a lot of lifting. The mattress was a tight fit at the end. I'm not moving again for a while! Thanks to Berit, Dennis and Oma for all their help.
 We made it back to Geldern in time for Sophie's make-your-own gingerbread house event. 
 Helping with the icing.
 The fun part - trying to fit as much candy as possible on the house.
The finished work of art. With no help from Mama. Note the witch, Hansel and Gretel in the front.
Before we completely collapsed in bed and on the couch respectively, we had a delicious lasagna dinner at Berit's new flat. Oma had a true 'Robertson moment' there, spilling MY wine across the table all over Dennis' jeans.

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