Sunday, November 20, 2011

Moving Weekend!

Finally, here we go. The big moving-in weekend! The kitchen installers were planning to arrive at 7:30 am on Saturday morning, so my mum and I decided to drive to the new house on Friday night, spending our first night there. Sophie had a fun-packed weekend ahead of her: sleepover at Berit's flat, then a Saturday full of activities with Berit's friend Li (thank you!). 
 Dropping Sophie off at Berit's with her own suitcase. Where did she get this princess mania from?
Quickly playing games before bed.
 Breakfast at Li's.
 Meanwhile in Dusseldorf: my mum in charge of making sandwiches and coffee for our numerous helpers. How nice it is to have family close by! A big thank you to my aunt and two uncles (and my mum of course) who came to help!
 These guys knew what they were doing!
 A very important task: drilling a hole in the concrete ceiling for mounting the princess mosquito net. It was a bit wobbly on the mattress to say the least.
 The finished masterpiece. Hoping that her Highness will approve.
 Just beautiful!
 Now all we need is the turkey.

The next day, Sunday, we took Sophie with us and showed her her new room:
 I really wanted to capture this moment on camera. Unfortunately I ruined it by telling her to wait in the hallway for a moment while I pulled up the blinds and situated myself. That made her very upset and she started crying.
But she was easily comforted because she really liked her new bed. Plus, as we unpacked, more and more of her beloved toys reappeared.


  1. Is that a doudou I see in Sophie's arms?:-) Beautiful, light & modern kitchen! Lovely!

  2. Coming to think of it, she was quite attached to her "doudou" today. One item of permanence, I suppose.
    Yes, Bea, we need to skype some time after next week (when we are in the new house) and I will show you the cool details of the kitchen. I love it!