Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Piñata

Yes, a piñata in Germany! Not only did Andrés' and Adrian's Abuela help to build the playhouse in the back garden, she also transported a piñata in her suitcase. Our neighbor Gabi choose one early evening for the kids to have a go at that Elmo face. The closest birthday was little Adrian's, so that was more or less used as an excuse.
 Gabi giving instructions. For some reason, Lina and Sophie thought that they needed to get changed into their princess and fairy outfits.
 Andrés went ahead and showed the girls how to do it.
Then Sophie had a rather feeble go.

 And here is Lina with the piñata still intact.
 The final blow with the goodies spilling out.
 Followed by a mad hunt for the candy and various little toys.
Lina and Sophie found some Elton John-type sunglasses in the fallout.
Thank you, Abuela, please come again. We all enjoyed your visit.

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