Friday, August 31, 2012

Welcome to Our Flight to Hawaii

It is about time that I write about Sophie's favorite game with Daddy. She is (almost) stepping in his footsteps by wanting to play airplane with him. I have heard that he used to play the same thing when he was little. Her room serves as the airplane. Then Daddy has to don his full pilot regalia including his old hat while Sophie gets the airplane ready. 

Some popular destinations are Hawaii, Disneyland, Hawaii, New York, and Hawaii. Oh, and India once.

Sometimes I get to be the passenger (first class, of course), but recently I have been degraded to cleaning personnel. Andrew has been bringing back everything you could imagine from his flights: magazines, boarding cards, napkins, plasticware, drink stirrers, you name it (talk about clutter).

I am sorry that the pictures are so fuzzy, but I had to sneak into the room and be quick. There was also a really cute video, but Andrew refused to let me post it, as he was not prepared to be caught on film. I will need to try again next time. Andrew is also concerned by what the neighbors might think when they see his head staring out the window wearing his pilot uniform. Then suddenly the blinds go down when the airplane flies into the night. 
 Pre-flight briefing or flight attendant taking the pilot's order for dinner?
Andrew keeps trying to persuade Sophie to become a pilot, but she insists on wanting to become a flight attendant. Well, she still has a couple of years to think about it.


  1. love it! Especially that she makes Andrew dress up for her. I still treasure the picture of him in his uniform with Ciaran in his pilot costume and Sophie as a firefighter (well, it looks a bit like a pilot costume).

  2. Andrew tries every time to get out of having to wear the uniform, but Sophie will not hear it.