Monday, August 20, 2012

One Cat Down

Saturday night (of course), I heard a scream from outside that sounded like that of a baby. I ran into the garden only to find Fletcher (of course) hanging upside down in our mesh wire fence struggling to free himself. While I was back inside looking for a flashlight and some gloves, he did manage to free himself, but back inside I noticed a limb claw/toe hanging off his back paw. As he did not seem in pain and the actual flesh wound was minimal, I waited until Monday morning to take him to the vet who luckily has his office just across the street. Well, I bet he was happy to see us!
He immediately put him under general anesthesia to examine him and found that the toe had completely dislocated from the little joint. It would be easiest to amputate that part and while Fletcher was snoozing, the vet looked at his mouth only to find two more rotting teeth that needed to be pulled. 
 Fletcher in the PACU after his surgery. ;-)
 Not feeling too hot.
We gave him the nickname Captain Ahab as you can hear him approach from far away with that bandaged foot.
So for the next two weeks we will be back at the vet's for regular dressing changes only to try to avoid the dreaded lamp shade. 

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