Friday, August 10, 2012

A New House for the Kids

Big changes are happening in our neighbor's back garden! Could that be a play structure?!
While the neighbor boy, Andrés, is visiting his grandmother for a few days together with his dad, his mum Gabi and her mother (abuela) visiting from Mexico have been working almost around the clock to set up this fantastic play house for him. It needed to be done by this afternoon when Andrés was coming home. It was an incredible amount of work and I admire the two ladies for having been so disciplined to follow through so diligently. 
 Apart from having had the pleasure of watching little Adrian for a couple of hours here and there, this was the only time we were all asked over to help put the roof on. 
Adrian busy supervising.
 I think Andrés was really happy to discover his new toy. 
 ... unfortunately, I'm afraid he will have to share it with the two girls as there is no fence between our gardens.
This is a very quick slide and even faster when wet. 
Who needs to go to the playground now?

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