Saturday, August 11, 2012

Outdoor Theater

We have been seeing the poster for a nearby outdoor play of "The Adventures of Pettersson and Findus" all over town this summer and Sophie has been begging to go. So today was going to be the day. We packed a nice picnic, change for ice cream during the break and hopped on the bike. It was a 13 km bike ride through the hinterlands of Duesseldorf (one way) with some mean hills (never realized it could be so hilly here). But now we know where the rich people in Duesseldorf live. 
 The theater was in an old quarry and the stage looked very picturesque. We managed to get seats in the front row near a lone duck that was scavenging for food from the audience. 
 Here are Pettersson and his cat Findus trying to lure the hens into laying some eggs for their pancakes.
 Pettersson and Findus fishing on the lake that even housed some turtles.
 The promised ice cream during intermission.
 The grumpy neighbor Gustavson chasing the fox on a tractor. Gustavson ended up falling into the lake three times during the play! There is no better way of keeping the younger crowd entertained. They are full of Schadenfreude. What a good thing it was just above 20 degrees today.
 Autographs from the stars after a brilliantly entertaining show: Pettersson.
 Findus the cat
 For Sophie from Sophie the hen
... and hen Henni and rooster Caruso

After the first uphill on the ride home, I felt that my legs felt too tired to make it all the way, so we decided to take the train home. However, the return trip took just as long if not longer.

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