Sunday, April 29, 2012

Renaissance Faire

And now to the occasion for which we gathered in Bad Bentheim this weekend: the renaissance faire with jousting and medieval market.
 Getting ready was half the fun.
 Two beautiful princesses ready to meet their brave knight
 Well, there was a spotting of one at that moment walking through Delhi airport (you pick).
 Having a whirl at the medieval carousel

 Thore and his mother Alexandra
 Enjoying a taste of the mysterious sugar wool ball
 Now to the jousting performance:
 Some highlanders made it all the way to the continent
 Sophie's favorite knight Ullrich of Bentheim 
(he ended up winning)
 All knights with the bad guy on the right
 and one female jouster to round it off

 In the Turkish brew tent
A successful outing: one little prince by the hand and one big prince in tow.

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