Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Acquiring Essentials on Andrew's Birthday

We had our big helpers coming to visit for a few days: Oma, Aunt Helga, and Uncle Ralph. Armed with a drill, wrench and other handy tools, they were ready for our to-do list (not the honey-do list as I know better not to let Andrew near these fiddly tasks).
 First priority: setting up our Strandkorb (courtesy of Oma) while it was still mostly dry out. With this Strandkorb (literally beach basket) we have become very German. It really does block out the wind and some rain. And there is even a little table for our gin and tonics and apple juice of course - very clever design. Did I mention the foot rests?
 Quick break for the helper, Uncle Ralph. We beat the estimated set-up time of 2 hours by 15 minutes.
 My mum already promised that she would be spending quite some time in the Strandkorb this summer.
 Next, we headed to one of the numerous DIY-stores (the Germans have more than the Italians, British and some other country I can't remember put together) and to our surprise were met with excellent customer service by a first generation Italian-German. She sold us the "Bakersfield" grill. We downsized a little from our U.S. "monster" of a BBQ, but it can still cook good old American hamburgers. Andrew is happy.
 We had our neighbors (Andrés and Lina) over for our birthday dinner.
 ... as well as Berit and her friend Li.
I have to say, I was quite proud of my birthday chocolate cake creation. In never thought that baking could be so much fun. 

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