Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Easter Bunny Was Here!

After we had started to think that the Easter Bunny forgot to stop by our house, he just happened to make his way through our row of gardens right when Daddy was taking a shower, Mama was picking up Berit from the train station, and Oma and Sophie were out in the neighborhood looking for him. Somebody was very happy upon returning.
 In Germany the Easter Bunny drops some kinder surprise eggs and other treats.
 Yes, it was cold!
 See, the Easter Bunny came to Lina's house at the same time. How perfect is that?
 Note the sunshine!
Then Berit colored some more eggs with Sophie while I prepared our Easter dinner: pork loin with pears and leek in a mustard sauce and loads of roasted vegetables. Andrew topped it off with an American apple pie (from scratch). 
Subsequent food coma.
How lucky that it is another holiday (Easter Monday) tomorrow with nothing planned.

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